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foundation shades should match all skin tones

Shade Finder

Buy your ideal color cosmetics set. Scan your face. Know your skin tone. Buy you perfect shade.From any device we determine your customers skin tone and match them with their perfect shades. We recommend all color cosmetics for your customers. Tejo is your company's ideal shade finder.

Lips: We help find your customers ideal red and nude lipstick. We help them find colors that match their under tone and will be pigmented enough for dark skin, or muted enough for fair skin.

Face: We help you customers find their exact foundation shade designed to perfectly match their skin tone. It's your one stop shop shade finder. We also help match related products like plush contour and concealer.

Eyes:We help you customers buy shades that will compliment their skin, eye color and style.

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Learn about your customer's needs

When users' scan their faces We gather information about their skin condition, race gender, skin tone, ect. Tejo offers an interface where companies can download the customer results as a spreadsheet. You can use this information to better understand your customers and learn where you can grow. The information collected can be used in a variety of ways:

  •     Mailing lists:

    • When users scan their face they have the option to leave their e-mail. Our data set associates their e-mail with their skin assessment. Now you can create highly targeted mailing lists. For example you could promote a new concealer that matches the user's skin tone and will help cover their hyper pigmentation. The tailored mailing lists will help you increase click through rates by connecting your customers relevant content and products.
  • Learn about your adds:

    • create different links for your adds. This will allow you to monitor who clicks through on your adds. This will allow you to better asses which target demographics will result in the highest ROI.
  • understand where you can grow:

    • The information we collect about your customers will give you insight into what other products they may need. You may discover that a large proportion of your serum users struggle with rosacea.



Before/After Photos

At Tejo we know that 80% of customers don't trust a purely augmented reality feature. This is because there is a perverse incentive to make the user look good rather then be an accurate depiction of what the product will look like. That being said we do produce before and after photos to help build customer trust. Your customers can visualize what the results of your products will look like. Users can then share the results on social media.


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