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How It Works

1. Scan

A consumer scans their face

2. Analysis

We determine:
Skin Tone
Under Tone
Under Eye Circles
Even Complexion
Face Shape

3. Results

We recommend:
Blush & Lip
Eyeshadow & Eyeliner
Comprehensive skin care routines

Color Cosmetics

Know your customers skin tone. Help them buy their perfect match. Introduce them to tailored options.

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Skin Care Understand your customers skin. Help them Navigate your product line. Learn about what they want

build a comprehensive skin care routine.

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Sign up Process

1. Sign Up

Contact us to create an account or for more details.

2. Register Products

Tell us about your brand and what your customers want. We may run tests on your samples to make sure you get the best recommendations possible.

3. Integration

All you have to do is add a link to your website. No integration required.