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Tejo Cosmetics Recommendation

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How It Works

1. Scan

A user scans their face

2. Analysis

We use AI to asses a user's skin.

3. Results

See a custom tailored cosmetics routine, and a virtualization of what it will look like.

Color Cosmetics

Know your customers skin tone. Help them buy their perfect match. Introduce them to tailored options.

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Skin Care Understand your customers skin. Help them Navigate your product line. Learn about what they want

build a comprehensive skin care routine.

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Sign up Process

1. Sign Up

Tell us about your brand and what your customers want. Contact us to create an account.

2. Register Products

We will ask you detailed questions about your products. We may even ask for a few to make sure you get the best recommendations possible.

3. Integration

We can give you a link to add to your site. No set up required. See it in action here (just click 'shade finder'). Or your technical team can integrate our service using our API.