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Account Setup: Why Tejo Tests Products

As cosmetic companies are aiming to build a more personal online experiences. tech companies need to follow suit. At Tejo we are dedicated to making sure your customers have the best experience possible, as a result accuracy and understanding your products in incredibly important to us. To setup an account with us we may ask you to send us physical samples of your products.


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Tejo: Makeup Skin Care Gift Giving

As it currently stands it is very difficult to buy cosmetics for others, because of how specialized they are. During the holiday season you always see boyfriends wandering aimlessly in Sephora trying to find something their girlfriend will like However, with Tejo this process is made incredibly easy.


Recommendations Vs. Virtual Makeup

What is Virtual Make up?

Virtual makeup or augmented reality (AR) are applications that "virtually" apply makeup to the face. They are essentially selfie editors. They are great for users to share flattering pictures of themselves online.


Tejo: Skin Care Recommendations


An ideal skin care routine: no dermatologists needed.

Scan your face. Know your skin. Buy your perfect routine. Recommend a skin care routine custom tailored to your customers skin.


Makeup Recommendations---shade finder

Shade Finder

Buy your ideal color cosmetics set. Scan your face. Know your skin tone. Buy you perfect shade.From any device we determine your customers skin tone and match them with their perfect shades. We recommend all color cosmetics for your customers. Tejo is your company's ideal shade finder.


Use Tejo: The Best Makeup Recommender


Consumers are Overwhlemed by the choices they have. Make Makeup easy by using a makeup recommender. Use AI to tell customers Which products suit them best.


Summer Glow for All Skin Tones

Time is now here to glow up like a goddess by turning up a sun-kissed face look perfect for this weather. And here we got your back again to introduce to you the 4 easy steps to add summer glow to your face.

Monochromatic Makeup

From Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Margot Robbie-- monochromatic look is not only a new makeup trend but will also make your life/ shopping much easier.


Amp up your eye game with graphic eyeliners!

Are you tired of simple black winged eyeliners? Do you want to add a splash of colors to your eye routine? Guess what, graphic liner is a perfect way to take you look to a new level.