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Beauty Industry's Latest 'It' Ingredient - Cannabis? #CBDBeauty

After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, there is a new rising star in the beauty ingredient scene


Red Lipstick - A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Shade

A bold red lip is such a classic and timeless look. Some cult favourites include "Ruby Woo" by M.A.C, "L'Absolu Rouge in Absolute Rouge" by Lancome, "999" by Dior and "Pirate" by Chanel. Most women tend to be intimated by this colour though as there is not a single red lipstick that flatters every skin tone.

Work Makeup

Women have always been “told what to do,” and this issue is no different. Why are there so many articles imposing how a woman needs to look in the workplace and more importantly, what makeup makes her seem most competent? It is important...

Yoga Skin - The Internet's Newest Obsession

Towards the end of 2018, celebrity makeup artist Sarah Hill created a technique called "yoga skin." The result is glowing, fresh, juicy, revitalized and hydrated looking skin. Unlike other skin trends such as Korean "glass skin"...

Fight the Winter Blues - Beauty Inspiration

We rang in the new year with hopes of fresh starts, success, health and new friendships. Instead we were given another season of chapped lips, dry skin, long days, minimal sun, frizzy hair and to top it all off; you probably caught a nasty cold...

From Desk to Drinks - Look Your Best This Valentine's Day

Love is in the air... Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Whether you have reservations at a fancy, overpriced restaurant or plans to grab drinks with your best friends; you probably want to look your best. But wait, oh no...

Celebrate Lunar New Year in Style

The annual celebration of Lunar New Year is a joyous holiday as it is the time to reconnect with family, distribute wealth and of course; indulge on all sorts of sweets and treats. But how can you dress fashionably but modestly...

Achieve the Biggest Beauty Trend of 2019

2018 was an intense but exciting year for the beauty community. Kylie Jenner released a collection inspired by her daughter, fishtail brows took over Instagram, Laura Lee almost ruined her career with her "fake" apology video...

Create Your Perfect Skincare Routine!

There are 5 skin types; once you determine yours, we can help you create the perfect daily routine!...