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Recommendations Vs. Virtual Makeup

What is Virtual Make up?

Virtual makeup or augmented reality (AR) are applications that "virtually" apply makeup to the face. They are essentially selfie editors. They are great for users to share flattering pictures of themselves online. Virtual makeup is a great way to increase brand engagement and have users share their images (and your brand online) it is a fantastic form of FREE advertising. This being said it's not the best way to increase conversions and brand loyalty.

To describe this is better I will use clothing retail as an example. When I'm buying an outfit I want to try it on, but I'm going to become exhausted if everything I try on doesn't fit or makes me look bad. consumers want help with their purchasing decisions. They need help finding things that will make them look and feel great. The clothes that will look great on them has to do with objective things like cut body type and of course skin tone.

Consumers don't want to try on countless samples they want experts guiding their decisions. They want the purchase to be easy. 


Virtual Makeup

80% of Consumers DON'T TRUST Virtual Makeup

There is a perverse incentive for virtual makeup applications to increase their "share-ability" and make users look good in pictures. There isn't an incentive to make the products look realistic. This means that what looks great on someones smart phone may not translate in real life. Therefor savvy consumers have become weary of augmented reality applications. Instead consumers are looking for objective high quality recommendations they can trust. 

The limit of online advisors

There a number of services where you can chat with an advisor. They can either be an in house staff member or outsourced. not only is this solution expensive (you need to pay some one to have these chats) online advisors struggle to make an accurate assessment. of skin tone and skin condition. Lighting and camera quality can dramatically effect the appearance of skin tone, wrinkles, acne and other skin problems.Therefore their recommendations may not suit consumers needs.

How Tejo Is Different

At Tejo we are dedicated to helping your customers finding the best products to suit them. We are not interested superficial band aid solutions to your needs, but rather a comprehensive solution where you can learn more about your customers and your customers can feel confident in their purchases.