Skin analysis

Skin analysis

Tejo is a preliminary skin diagnostic tool, that can be used in consultations,  before treatments to track user’s skin over time and help manage and recommend treatments and products as their skin progresses. Tejo can be used by any device with an internet connection and a camera. Meaning your guests can scan their skin at any time and receive the information they need. 


Virtual consultations

You can use Tejo as a virtual consultant, on your website to help guide new clients to the right service for them. This requires no work on the side of the spa, and prospective clients have a quick and easy way to connect with the spa. This can help the spa collect contact information of prospective clients as well as their biggest skin concerns. 

In person consultations

You can use Tejo in person or online while you discuss their concerns as an add on to a more traditional consultation approach. 

Before Treatments

When asking clients to check in for their appointment they can also scan their skin. This will provide more up to date information about the skin.  This can help prevent any reactions and guarantee a seamless experience. 

Prevent reactions

Tejo comes with product information loaded in and can ask users about their current medications and skin care regimens, to make sure that all the products used will be compatible with their current lifestyle and not leave customers with rashes or burns. 

Tracking skin over time 


Tejo allows customers to track their skin progress from anywhere with an internet connection and camera. You can send reminders to check in, track their skin and suggest additional treatments.

Email Follow ups

Provide detailed information about treatment

Its easy for aestheticians to forget to inform customers about all the products they are using during a facial. It’s easy for customers to forget what products were mentioned to them. Tejo offers the ability to explain to customers what products were used during the treatment and WHY. 

Some of the Things we Detect:


acne icon

Age Spots

Hyperpigmentation Icon




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Sun Damage

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Redness icon

How Tejo compares to expensive machines

Due to Advancements in facial recognition the need for a special device to do skin analysis are diminishing. Let’s compare machines to Tejo.

Consistent lighting

Machines offer a consistent way of taking pictures and lighting the face. However Tejo uses algorithms to automatically account for the lighting conditions so that consistency is no longer needed.

Using other kinds of lights and sensors:

non visible light spectrum is visible to your standard camera. Advancements in AI are able to detect the same or similar things to some expensive machines.

The bottom line

Tejo focuses on analysis of skin that will matter the most to your clients, visible results. Other kinds of devices often focus more on niche detections that only correlate with positive visible results as opposed to offering comprehensive analysis.