Buying Makeup Online Is tough, how brands can make it better

Buying Makeup Online Is tough, how brands can make it better.


My first time buying lipstick online went poorly. The lipstick I received in the mail looked nothing like the colour on my screen and was a terrible match for my skin, leeching the colour from my face. In the following years, there has been scant improvement.

Why does Virtual Makeup Fail Women of Color in Particular?

It is harder for women of colour to buy cosmetics. They often leave retailers without buying anything because they can’t find products that suit their skin. Even conscientious retailers can face difficult trade-offs in catering to women of colour, as any kind of minority product can divert shelf-space away from higher-volume items. Finding long-tail products online may be the best option for those that struggle finding products in store. Unfortunately, buying new makeup online is invariably a gamble. Screens render colours differently, so it’s impossible to tell what shade you will actually get. To make good decisions about skin care It often feels like you need a masters in biochemistry. It’s hard to feel confident in your purchases unless you are able to try it first.

How to Vet Technology for Diversity

Angela wanted to use the new virtual try on service, so she could see what different lip shades look like on her skin. But when she opened it up a message appeared saying “no face detected”. Her friend who’s white was able to see the different products virtually applied on her skin. But Angela, a black woman, could not. This is why companies need to Vet Technology for Diversity.