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Brand Deep Dives-EOS Lip Balm Lawsuit

We decided to look into eos lip balm because of James welsh s recent vid The EOS Lip Balm Lawsuit - When Beauty Turns Ugly. What created the rise popularity of EOS lip balms? Lets look at the product, marketing and distribution of these lip balms.

Amazon Best Practices

Why is being on amazon important?

  • if you have a popular brand there will be resellers or dupes that appear on amazon


Beauty and VC 2022

Traditionally VC’s have stayed away from the cosmetics industry because of the high costs of entry, but with more DTC brands, a high level of acquisitions and emerging technology is causing investors to take a second look a beauty. Making now the right time for beauty VC 2022.


Balancing Skin Microbiome Fact or Fiction

There has been a lot of research about our gut’s microbiome but very little on balancing skin microbiome. This can lead cosmetic companies creating dubious claims.


What is the skin microbiome?



Social Media Customer Acquisition for Cosmetic Companies

Creating a Social Media Community

When first creating a social media community it’s important to understand what your voice voice and positioning that is different from competitors. Understand your market positioning and experiment with different different elements to see what appeals to your audience.


Ingredient Led Skin Care (CEW)

At the CEW’s founder Fridays round-table three execs spoke about how they are capitalizing on new ingredients to build their brand. They disscussed how to build an ingredient led skin care line. 


Account Setup: Why Tejo Tests Products

As cosmetic companies are aiming to build a more personal online experiences. tech companies need to follow suit. At Tejo we are dedicated to making sure your customers have the best experience possible, as a result accuracy and understanding your products in incredibly important to us. To setup an account with us we may ask you to send us physical samples of your products.


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Tejo: Makeup Skin Care Gift Giving

It is difficult to buy cosmetics for others. It's hard to tell what will suit another person's skin care and makeup needs.  During the holiday season you always see boyfriends wandering aimlessly in Sephora trying to find something their girlfriend will like However, with Tejo this process is made incredibly easy.


Recommendations Vs. Virtual Makeup

What is Virtual Make up?

Virtual makeup or augmented reality (AR) are applications that "virtually" apply makeup to the face. They are essentially selfie editors. They are great for users to share flattering pictures of themselves online.