Mica in Makeup: child labour

Mica in Makeup: child labor

We all have applied shimmery eyeshadows, lip-gloss, or highlighters some time in our lives, some people more than the others. But have you wondered where that shimmer and glossy look comes from? We often ignore the ingredients of a product when we are purchasing it as we know that it has remarkable results but what is not remarkable would be the process of extracting some of these ingredients. One of the many ingredients is Mica, a group of minerals which are physically and chemically similar.

Editorial Eyeliner trend inspired by Euphoria: A New Era of Makeup

The HBO show Euphoria has left its whole audience in awe with the many innovative makeup looks exhibited in the show including editorial eyeliner. The show featured a variety of different characters who express their emotions and personality through their makeup, along with other things. This creativity is expressed through different types of eye makeup that the cast put on. It is safe to say that this show has introduced a whole new side to cosmetics.

Gua Sha - East Asian Influences in Western Beauty

Roots, History, And Origins Of Gua Sha

Despite popular belief, gua sha isn’t a tool itself but a massage technique. The “gua” in gua sha is Chinese for “to scrape” while “sha” means sand, referring to the sand-like red marks left on the skin after massaging. Gua sha is thought to have originated in Ancient China. Records from as early as the Ming dynasty, in the 1300s, show medical practitioners using the technique. Gua sha is a traditional medical method of massage meant to relieve the individual of illness, tension, and excess heat.