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The Order API is used to get information about each order. It lists out the what should be delivered where, as well as basic accounting information on how much our commission was and how much we compensated you for shipping.

Please note that the financial information transmitted does not include final tax calculations. Please refer to our financial calculations for full amounts owed.

Rest Request

The URL used for the request is:


To make a request you will need a CSRF Token

Request parameters

Name Required Values Description
start yes String readable by the PHP method strtotime The starting time for orders to have been made
end  yes String readable by the PHP method strtotime The end (or latests time) of the accepte orders that have been made.
test yes Boolean If you would like test data sent. True:Yes, False: No.







Response elements

Name Description
data an array of the request parameters.
test_order an array of test results for an order. If test is true
orders an array of orders


Example Response:

{'start': 'last Monday', 'end': 'now', 'test': False, 'orders': [{'order_id': '712', 'products': {'sku': 'vasanti-face-base-powder-foundation-V1', 'title': 'Vasanti Face Base Powder Foundation', 'quantity': '1.00', 'unit_price': {'number': '29.000000', 'currency_code': 'CAD'}, 'total_price': {'number': '29.000000', 'currency_code': 'CAD'}, 'order_item_id': '342', 'color': 'V1'}, 'tejo_commission': {'number': '5.800000', 'currency_code': 'CAD'}, 'take_home_money': {'number': '25.000000', 'currency_code': 'CAD'}, 'shipping_compansation': {'number': '1.800000', 'currency_code': 'CAD'}, 'address': {'langcode': '', 'country_code': 'CA', 'administrative_area': 'ON', 'locality': 'Toronto', 'dependent_locality': None, 'postal_code': 'M5S2L8', 'sorting_code': None, 'address_line1': '59', 'address_line2': 'Brunswick Ave', 'organization': '', 'given_name': 'Rachel', 'additional_name': None, 'family_name': 'Baker'}, 'date_ordered': '2018-10-11T16:02:28-04:00'}, {'order_id': '713', 'products': {'sku': 'visanti-liquid-cover-up-oil-free-foundation-and-concealer-v1', 'title': 'Vasanti Liquid Cover Up Oil-Free Foundation and Concealer', 'quantity': '1.00', 'unit_price': {'number': '25.000000', 'currency_code': 'CAD'}, 'total_price': {'number': '25.000000', 'currency_code': 'CAD'}, 'order_item_id': '343', 'color': 'V1'}, 'tejo_commission': {'number': '5.000000', 'currency_code': 'CAD'}, 'take_home_money': {'number': '21.800000', 'currency_code': 'CAD'}, 'shipping_compansation': {'number': '1.800000', 'currency_code': 'CAD'}, 'address': {'langcode': '', 'country_code': 'CA', 'administrative_area': 'ON', 'locality': 'Toronto', 'dependent_locality': None, 'postal_code': 'M5S2L8', 'sorting_code': None, 'address_line1': '59', 'address_line2': 'Brunswick Ave', 'organization': '', 'given_name': 'Rachel', 'additional_name': None, 'family_name': 'Baker'}, 'date_ordered': '2018-10-11T18:18:01-04:00'}]}