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Consumers are Overwhlemed by the choices they have. Make Makeup easy by using a makeup recommender. Use AI to tell customers Which products suit them best.

Makeup Recommendations are Needed
Consumers are overwhelmed with choices
Screens Render Colors differently
Screens Render Colors Differently


Makeup Recommender

      Consumers are overwhelmed with choices for cosmetics online, but there is little guidance on which products will suit them best. It's especially hard to buy makeup online because screens render colors differently and a slight differnece in a products color is the difference between it being wearable or not. Finding the right product is difficult and time consuming. This is why a makeup recommender is necissary.

       I’ve talked to countless women who struggle finding their ideal red lipstick, skin care routine and perfect foundation. Knowing what to buy is hard considering you should be getting products that will work well with your skin condition, not just skin tone. It’s even harder considering that skin tones change through out the year. Cosmetic buying is seasonal not just because of trends and skin tones but also how your skin changes with time. How oily or dry your skin is as well as wrinkes, acne, and hyperpigmentation change with time and the season. Your perfect product blend may be out of fashion and may not work six months from now.

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People Struggle to Find Products in Store

      Buying the right products is even more difficult for those who cannot readily find products in store. For example, women of color, people with certain kinds of skin conditions, people with allergies, men who often feel uncomfertable shopping in store, novice consumers who are unsure what to buy, and people who follow strict kosher, hallal or vegan practices. This means that some consumers are forced to go with out, or risk buying products online that do not suit them very well.

Covid has changed buying behaviours
      To reach customers cosmetic companies are fairly dependent on brick and mortar stores, even though they have lower margins then online retail. Most cosmetic companies that are dependent on in store samplers have seen Covid-19 wipe out their buisness model. Consuemers are afraid to use contaminated testers, and the testers pose a legal risk to brick and mortar stores.


Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) isn't Trusted by Consumers

     The main way companies have been looking to solve this problem is with augmented reality (AR) where consumers can virtually apply makeup to their face. This can be very expensive costing companies hundereds of thousands of dollars, and consumers don’t trust that it is an accurate reflection of what the products will look like on them. With out that trust, consumers have fun altering their face, but it doesn’t lead to consumer statisfaction, trust, and conversions. Consumers still have to spend a lot of time virtually trying on different products, as opposed to knowing what will be ideal for them.

Increase Sales

     Tejo is a makeup recommender. We focus on exposing customers only to the products they will most likely buy. After interviewing thousands of people we found that consumers like knowing which products will work for them best, but don’t like how judgmental a lot of in store makeup artists can be. Consumers are looking for ways to get to checkout faster, with products that would be ideal for them. They want custom retail experinces tailored to them, on demand.

Small and medium sized cosmetic companies cannot afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on novel eccomerce solutions. Tejo makes it affordable for companies to use the technology by providing them with a link they can add any where to their site. This link shows user’s their ideal routine and redirects them back to the company’s site for purchase.

At tejo we create a shorter time to checkout, consumer trust, and a tailored eccomerce experince all mixed into one. Cosmetic companies can affordibly and easily add the latest technolgy to their websites.

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