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The Truth About Makeup Expiration Dates

How many products are stacked up on your makeup stand? In your bathroom sink?

Big alert my beauty addicts-- summer is peaking and it is time for you to protect your babies from the heat.


I know, I know. Words can't describe how satisfying it feels to look at your makeup products, however, we must whisper a fond adieu to some of our good ol' friends to protect your health. So, when should we throw out our favorite makeup products? When do beauty products expire?


You may not see an expiry date on your makeup product because makeup expiry dates are not mandatory in Canada or the US, while PAO symbol is a must for beauty products in Europe.


Dr. Jason Rivers, a clinical professor at the University of British Columbia says. "You should be most careful with water-based products, such as mascara, because of the risk of bacterial contamination, which can lead to infection." As Rivers concerns, throwing out beauty products is mainly a health issue. Not only some products such as primers, anti-aging creams, and sunscreens degrade and lose their functions over time, expired lipsticks may evoke swelling and peeling, not to mention old foundations triggering pimples, rashes, and contact dermatitis. Yikes!


Before we get into when to actually throwing out our beauty essentials, how can we keep them in good condition and reduce contamination?

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Here is a little checklist you can follow, especially in summertime:

[ ] Move liquid products to cool, dark places and avoid direct sunlight

[ ] Wash your hands before applying makeup

[ ] Sad but no sharing makeup with your besties

[ ] Do not add/mix products directly into bottles

[ ] Store and use a mini spoon to apply moisturizer without a pump, if possible

[ ] Schedule periodically when to cleanse makeup brushes or replace beauty blenders

[ ] Throw away products with evident mould, obvious change in color/texture/smell

[ ] Throw away eye makeup products after having pink eyes/eye infections


Last but not least, here we reveal the real lifespan of your beauty products:

expiration date chart


Beauty is important but your health comes first! Hope you enjoy this summer with health, beauty, and happiness. 


Be beautiful, be you!

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xoxo Tejo.