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Send us user information and a picture. We will process it, save it and send you a reccomondation


  1. login get a token
  2. Collect and send user data using external-skin-tone-detection
  3. Validate skin tone, send updated value for reccomondation
  4. Get recommendation

Send Data: External Skin Tone Detection

POST to this url:


Use these Parameteres:

Name Required Values Description
eye Color No 'Green', 'Hazel', 'Blue', 'Brown' User's eye color
skin_type No 'Oily', 'Dry', 'Combination' user's skin type
skin_color_correction No 'Lighter', 'Darker', 'Same' If users want to go a shade lighter or darker
email No String String of user's e-mail
image Yes Base64 encoded image Image(s) from user-- if multiple images place them side by side.
Response Elements:
Name Description
skin_tone Valule from 0-100 indicating user's skin tone. You can then use this number to validate the skin tone we estimate.
id provides ID of user's skin profile



Set Adjustment

In order to get a good reccomondation you should validate the skin tone value given. You can do this by using a gradient slider with numbers from 1-100. Once validated you can get the reccomondation by using this request.

POST to:



Use these Parameteres:
Name Required Values Description
id Yes int The id provided from skin tone detection
adjusted_skin_tone No float adjusted skin tone color
Response: succes or failure.


Send a GET request to:
Use These Parameteres:
Name Required Values Description
id yes int The id provided from skin tone detection
foundation No boolean should foundation be included in the reccomondation
concealer No boolean should a concealer recommendation be provided
powder No boolean should a powder foundation recommendation be provided
face_wash No boolean should a facewash recommendation be provided.