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Tejo Cosmetics: About US


Hi! I am Rachel Baker - someone who love makeup and tech (Yes, those two things can go together). We have created a platform that makes shopping for makeup online easy; because what’s better than shopping for makeup? Shopping for makeup in bed. But, in addition to simplifying the process of makeup shopping online, we care deeply about diverse representation in the cosmetics industry. This led to Tejo.



Tejo is a cosmetics ecommerce platform that takes the guesswork out of shopping for makeup online and hosts brands that cater to diverse individuals.


How does Tejo make shopping for makeup online easy?


Upload a selfie.

We detect your skin-tone and undertone

Buy makeup perfect for you.


About the Founder


Rachel Baker

Founder and CEO


Rachel leads the technical team. She is an Engineering graduate from

the University of Toronto who is also passionate about

improv and swing-dancing.


We love makeup and we care about representation.

Get started if you feel the same!