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Hi! I am Rachel Baker CEO of Tejo - someone who loves makeup and tech (Yes, those two things can go together). We have created a service that makes shopping for makeup online easy; because what’s better than shopping for makeup? Shopping for makeup in bed. But, in addition to simplifying the process of makeup shopping online, we care deeply about diverse representation in the cosmetics industry. This led to Tejo.

As a former cosmetic brand owner I know how hard it is to compete with larger players



Tejo Is a service to help cosmetic companies of all sizes reach their customers online. Now you can easily reach your niche directly through online sales.


Customers don't have to try on contaminated testers

You have higher margins with online sales


How does Tejo make shopping for makeup online easy?


Upload a selfie.

We detect your skin-tone and skin condition

Buy an entire cosmetics routine perfect for you.


Product Recommendations

Match your customers with their ideal cosmetics routine from the comfort of their living room. Don't use contaminated testers, give your consumers on demand product recommendations.

Customer Insights

Learn about your customers, gather information about their skin their needs and which products interest them the most. Create tailored e-mail campaigns based on their skin condition, age range and more. 


let consumers virtually "try on" your products and see the what they will look like. Let them see before and after pictures, and vizualize which products will suit them best. Let your consumers share their analysis or Virtualized makeup on Instagram to help promote your brand. Make it easy for your customers to promote you




Add a link to your site and have customers redirected back to you for purchase or use our API to create a seamless experiance.

We love makeup and we care about representation.

Get started if you feel the same!