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Summer Glow for All Skin Tones

Time is now here to glow up like a goddess by turning up a sun-kissed face look perfect for this weather. And here we got your back again to introduce to you the 4 easy steps to add summer glow to your face.


1. Proper Skincare: base for any look

As much as it sounds obvious, it all starts with good skincare. When winter was all about hydrating and moisturizing, summer is all about exfoliating and unclogging them pores! Try some vitamin C for daytime and acid exfoliants for nighttime to prep your skin for baby smooth base. The result is brighter, more even-toned skin that reflects light beautifully. When your skin naturally reflects light, it glows.

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2. Bronzer: sun-kissed cheeks

Remember when Rihanna shocked the beauty world by introducing FIFTY shades of foundation that represent every skin tone?! Brands are finally creating more inclusive bronzers. Check out eight new shades of Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer from Fenty Beauty and two new deep shades of the beloved Hoola bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics. According to Hector Espinal, Fenty Beauty's global makeup artist, bronzing is not about contouring or making your skin look darker. It's actually giving you that beautiful warmth and flush into the skin. If you have deeper skin tone and are wondering how to apply bronzer, check out Hector's tutorial on how to apply bronzer for deep skin!

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3. Highlighter: "Everyone needs to glow" -Charlotte Tilbury, celeb makeup artist

Key to the summer glow look, natural-looking highlighter tricks the eye into thinking everything is inches higher than it is. First, apply your favorite highlighter directly to the top of the cheekbones, but not too close to the eyes. Next, continue highlighting the bridge of your nose (but disconnect the tip of the nose), inner corner of the eyes, and brow bones!

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4. Lip Gloss: Gloss it up like a goddess

Matte lips are still in season but lip gloss is definitely back! And guess what, it is perfect to complement your glowing skin. Pick up your clear or lightly tinted gloss; less pigment is key to the summer glowing look in 2019, so that the emphasis is on natural, healthy looking, summer face.

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