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Monochromatic Makeup

From Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Margot Robbie-- monochromatic look is not only a new makeup trend but will also make your life/ shopping much easier.

First, dump all your makeup products into one place from your makeup pouch (yes, you will see some old lipsticks that you totally forgot about and this is a good time to use them). Then, choose ONE color scheme- the wash of color that you are feeling today.

Pretty-in-pink look is a good start if this is your first time trying out the monochromatic look but don't hesitate to go bold if your hand gravitates towards a bright cobalt blue.


If that product was a lipstick, gather up an eye shadow and a blush that belong to the same color scheme. However, keep in mind that like we Tejo always emphasize, it is not the color of the product but it is the underlying tone of your skin that you should consider when you choose your products. For example, if you are doing a pink monochrome, you may have to differentiate choose between coral-toned pink and blue-based pink depending on your undertone. Find out your undertone from a selfie within a minute: here.


Start with lips. For a softer, more washed-out looks, press and blend the lip color into the lips using your finger. For a crispier, more opaque look, apply from the bullet or even use a lip liner/ lip brush.

Moving onto cheeks, take the blush you choose or even that same lipstick and dab it onto your cheeks until you achieve the opacity you wish for. You can go a little editorial as well with a draped effect near the eyes too.


Now, prime your eyelids (important!) then take an eye shadow or that same blush you used and apply on your eyelids. Doesn't it look gorgeous? Perhaps monochromatic look is a result of demand for multi-tasking products as everyone looks for easier yet gorgeous make-up application to fit in with their busy lives.

If you find using one color to be boring, you can always play around with textures. Gloss on eyes is a good way to amp up the game.


Voila! A monochromatic makeup look that you can do on a daily basis without having to figure out which shades will complement another!

But remember-- whichever color you choose, figuring out the slight difference in undertone is the key to this monochromatic look!

Still wondering if you have a warm or a cool undertone? Follow 3-simple steps on www.tejo.ca to find out your skin tone & undertone within a minute. Make makeup easy.