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From Desk to Drinks - Look Your Best This Valentine's Day


Love is in the air... Valentine's Day is right around the corner.


Whether you have reservations at a fancy, overpriced restaurant or plans to grab drinks with your best friends; you probably want to look your best. But wait, oh no... February 14th falls on a Thursday! How are you supposed to go from work to happy hour when half of your makeup is flaking off of your face? 

Well we've got all the moves to help you look your best this Valentine's Day. Let's start with your wardrobe. You can't afford to bring a change of clothes, so you'll have to find an outfit that is suitable for work and for your date(s) ;)

In this weather, a skirt may not be ideal; paper bag or palazzo pants are definitely the way to go. Not only are they comfortable but they are extremely versatile. Pair them with a lacy camisole, your favourite pair of heels, a long peacoat and some wrist candy for added glitz.


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  1. Don't skimp out on your skincare routine! If you want your makeup to last, you'll want to start with a clean, smooth base.

  2. Prime your face. This is the most important step to ensure your makeup stays put throughout the day.

  3. Wear a tinted moisturizer as opposed to a full coverage foundation. It can easily be reapplied if needed and won't crease or flake off. 

  4. Keep the rest of your makeup simple, fill in your brows, swipe on some mascara, dust on some bronzer and add a pinch of shimmery blush to the apples of your cheeks. 

  5. Finish with a lip-gloss or lip stain, you don't want lipstick to dry out your lips. 

  6. Don't forget to use a setting spray to really set your face!

  7. Throw some blotting papers, brow mascara, champagne or white shimmery coloured eyeliner, lipgloss, highlight and powder into your bag.

  8. Take 5 minutes after work to touch up; smooth over your eyebrows, pop the shimmery eyeliner into the inner corners of your eyes, blot and powder the oily parts of your face, apply highlight to your cheekbones and nose and reapply your lip-gloss.

  9. Now you are picture perfect and ready to go! Enjoy your Valentine's Day plans!