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Create Your Perfect Skincare Routine!




There are 5 skin types; once you determine yours, we can help you create the perfect daily skincare routine!

1.      Dry

·       Flaky

·       Feels tight (especially after a shower)

·       Appears dull


2.     Oily

·       Pores are enlarged (nose, chin, cheeks and forehead)

·       Face is shiny throughout the day

·       Acne on areas other than your face

·       Black heads, white heads on t-zone


3.     Combination

·       Dry in some areas, oily or normal in others

·       Oily t-zone

·       Dry around the eye area


4.     Normal

·       Invisible pores

·       Not too oily or dry

·       Even skin tone


5.     Sensitive

·       May be dry, oily or both

·       Excessive redness

·       Easily inflamed and irritated


Now that you’ve determined your skin type, let’s move on to customizing your daily skincare routine!


My skin is...



Dry Skincare Routine


dry skin


Using a cleansing lotion or milk as opposed to a foam or gel-based product will be beneficial to your skin if your face feels tight or dry after washing it. The formulas typically include moisturizing ingredients and oils that help your skin retain its moisture and remain nourished. Unlike other face washes, these products effectively remove dirt and makeup without stripping your face of its oils. But beware! Some cream-based cleansers will leave your face with residue… avoid no water, tissue-off cleansers and rinse your face thoroughly after use.


How to use:

  •             Massage cleanser onto DRY skin

  •             Wet fingertips and continue to lather the product onto your face

  •             Rinse thoroughly

  •             Cleanse your face with micellar water using a cotton pad or your fingers

Toners are one of the most important steps in skincare!

After cleansing, apply a toner using a cotton pad or your fingers. Although toners may seem pointless, they are an extremely important component to your skincare routine! They restore your skin’s pH balance, tighten and shrink the appearance of pores and preps your face for moisturizer. Without toner, your moisturizer will simply sit on the surface of your skin instead of absorbing it.

Use a hydrating serum for an added boost of moisture! Then finish with your favourite moisturizer. Try to use one that has SPF, even if it isn’t sunny outside. UV rays are vicious; you want to always protect your skin.


Use an eye cream at night if you feel your eye area gets dry throughout the day. Instead of using the face lotion you used in the AM, try a night cream as they have thicker formulas. Night creams are specially formulated to keep your skin hydrated all throughout the night and into the next morning. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep so follow a strict routine at night, your skin will thank you!

Treat your skin with a hydrating sheet mask and exfoliate using a gentle scrub at least once a week! Look for masks including natural moisturizing agents such as coconut oil, shea butter, cucumber, avocado, and honey.


cucumber skincare


Normal Skincare Routine


normal skincare



Congratulations! You possess the most desirable skin type!

Just because your skin is near perfect does not mean you should skimp out on your daily skincare routine. Protecting and maintaining your current skin is important, as well as preventing future problems from occurring. Fortunately for you, special products are not needed to care for your skin type. Start off with a cleanser of your choice; you can choose from oil, foam, lotion or gel-based cleansers! Follow up with an alcohol-free toner, pat on a vitamin C infused serum to brighten your complexion, then finish with a light moisturizing lotion with SPF. Once a week exfoliate and apply a clay mask to further remove impurities. Try Vasanti’s "Brighten Up! Glow Boosting Serum" to unveil a radiant complexion after just one use.




Combination Skincare Routine


combo skincare



This skin type is complicated; you’ll need to use products that work effectively against both dry and oily skin. A gel cleanser has a thick consistency and won’t leave your skin feeling stripped. The formula slightly bubbles up but not as much as a foam cleanser, therefore, a product like this is perfect for combination skin. Use an alcohol-free toner, then apply a retinol-based serum. Retinol is an ingredient that helps both dry and oily skin types so products that include this ingredient are highly recommended for combination skin types. A non-greasy and lightweight moisturizer like Vasanti’s "Brighten Up! New Skin Amplifying Moisturizer" is key in order to hydrate your skin without clogging pores or leaving your face with a shiny finish. This product is vegan and enriched with natural ingredients such as Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera Gel. Using an AHA/BHA serum at night is ideal because the ingredients allow dead skin cells to shed while improving the skin’s moisture barrier.



Oily Skincare Routine



oily skincare



If your skin is oily, you should be using a lightweight foaming face wash as this product will remove impurities and excess oil without drying your skin out. Then, apply an alcohol-free toner and an oil-controlling or tea tree oil infused serum to treat problem spots. You may feel as though you can skip moisturizer but this will lead to your skin producing more oils because of the lack of hydration. Use an oil free, lightweight moisturizer that dries matte and includes SPF. To further prevent your sebaceous glands from producing excess oil, use a sheet mask once a week that will hydrate your skin without leaving it greasy.



Purifying Facial Cleanser


Sensitive Skincare Routine


sensitive skincare



A cleansing lotion is ideal because it will gently remove dirt and makeup without stripping your skin. Look for an alcohol-free toner that includes ingredients such as green tea and chamomile as they are anti-inflammatory. Using a fragrance-free moisturizer with SPF is important to avoid irritation and protect the skin.

Use a gel face mask once a week in order to gently remove impurities and tone the skin. Don’t be afraid to add exfoliators to your skincare routine! Look for a gentle scrub with ingredients such as Vitamin E or Aloe Vera as these ingredients are known to soothe sensitive skin. Test the scrub on a small patch of skin first to avoid reactions. The "Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator" by Vasanti effectively removes dead skin cells, brightens your complexion and is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.


scrub skincare