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Tejo: Makeup Skin Care Gift Giving

It is difficult to buy cosmetics for others. It's hard to tell what will suit another person's skin care and makeup needs.  During the holiday season you always see boyfriends wandering aimlessly in Sephora trying to find something their girlfriend will like However, with Tejo this process is made incredibly easy. Users just need to upload a picture of their loved ones and voilà a tailored recommendation for their friend. Makeup skin care gift giving can be hard but it doesn't have to be.

Tejo is perfect for the holidays. It helps gift buyers have the confidence that the product they get for a loved one will work for their skin.

Finding that perfect gift shouldn't be difficult. With Tejo you can help increase your holiday sales by making gift buying easy. Upload a picture. Know their skin tone and skin condition. Buy the right products. Give your customers the ability to find the right serum for their best friend, or help their mother find the right lipsticks.


Makeup Skin Care Gift Giving


Makeup Skin Care gift


in the midst of a global pandemic, many holiday plans are put on hold and most shops are abandoned. That being said consumers are still looking for ways to treat their loved ones with things that will make them feel better. Stay at home spa days, or makeup artistry challenges can be a great way for people to feel better in times of uncertainty. Consumers have more time at home to experiment and find new products to spruce up their routine, they can also encourage their friends to do the sames. Cosmetic companies generally see a boost in sales this time of year. This year should be no different. You can increase your sales by helping your customers find the best socially distanced beauty gift.