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Sheet Masks - East Asia Influences Western Beauty

East asian influences western beauty

Sheet Masks: East Asia influences Western Beauty Trends

East Asia influences western beauty alot. When it comes to sheet masks, K-beauty has catapulted this self-care product into almost every brand’s line. South Korean stars who have gained popularity in the Western world are known to boost sales of sheet masks. Some simply speak about a particular product, while others start livestreams wearing one. Idols like Tzuyu from Twice or BTS’s J-hope and Suga are only a few of the individuals who have contributed to the beauty trend.


sheet maskes inspired by east asian beauty

Some feel that western brands don’t recognize the rich East-Asian origins of sheet masks. One of the co-founders of Soko Glam, Charlotte Cho, mentions, “a lot of the Western and American brands are adopting these ingredients and products into their product line, but oftentimes how they introduce a product doesn't shed light on the origin story of the innovation that they adopted from.” Soko Glam is a beauty company that has been aiding in the process of bringing K-beauty and  east aisia influences to the western  beauty world. Their selection ranges from sheet masks and hydrating toners to snail mucin serums. As with any product, many appreciate it when the history of traditional formulations or innovations is highlighted. If you plan on including a sheet mask or any other products with Asian roots, a checklist of things needs to be considered.


Japan may have invented sheet masks


Know your competition

If you aren’t an Asian-based or Asian-influenced brand, how will you market your sheet mask to rival well-loved Asian brands of face masks? Keep in mind that some Asian brands have had sheet masks in their line for a long time. It’s important to make a product that stands out.

sheet mask formulations


Tailor your products

Will you formulate it as a hydrating mask? A brightening one? Keep it to one or two per sheet mask. Offer a diverse selection so that consumers can choose one that suits their specific needs. Tejo works to pair the perfect product with the buyer, which means that your customer will get a better picture of which sheet mask will work best for their skin. Decide on highlighting one star ingredient. It could be a plant, flower, or fruit extract, or a well-known ingredient like vitamin C, niacinamide, or peptides. Once again, this individualizes your product and informs the consumer of why the product works.


Variations of the sheet mask

Decide what material you want for your mask; will your audience appreciate biodegradable materials? Will you make gel-based ones, or stick with fabric? The material of the mask can determine whether you can formulate the attention-grabbing foaming masks or eye-catching vivid colours and patterns. Sheet masks aren’t just for the entire face, either. In a recent Vogue video, Shay Mitchell was seen to use sheet masks made for the forehead, chin, under-eyes, and chest. Targeting specific areas of the body could further allow your customers to incorporate more of your skincare line into theirs. Think wrinkle-reducing forehead masks or cooling and soothing under eye masks.


Driving sales with marketing

Appeal to the consumer by pointing out the fact that your sheet mask could be a part of a relaxing routine. Package your sheet masks in a unique way that matches your brand’s look! Most fall under three categories: serious and skincare-driven, fun and colourful or minimalist and natural. Try offering a discounted price when customers buy more than just one, or sell a pack that contains several sheet masks. The more often a sheet mask is used, the better the result will be on the skin. Getting the customer to use several will get them to see a bigger difference and encourage them to purchase more.


Sheet masks are a great product to add to a skincare line, especially due to East-Asian beauty influences continuing this trend. However, this does mean that they need to be innovative in order to compete with Asian beauty brands. Consumers need to have a good reason to pick your sheet mask over another, and at Tejo, we can highlight your strengths to them.



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