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Gothcore makeup -trend predictions

Tejo predicts that gothcore makeup looks will become more popular in 2022.


Goth never really goes out of fashion there are always going to be nonconformists out there who want to look different and rebellious and a little bit spooky and so I think Goth will always be around.


Gothic spooky dark or little bit edgy there's always room for rebellious looks that maybe look a little bit freighting. Gothcore seems largely to be a pushback against soft core and more cute aesthetics that have risen to popularity recently.

Gothcore lace



This has led to interesting aesthetic choices that have married both the cute more soft core aesthetic with something that's a little bit more gothic and grunge a nouveau goth to be exact as emerging trend according to Pinterest



Mask mandates have forced people to focus on the eyes. As a result we're seeing many vibrant and dramatic looks and that lends itself very well to gothic aesthetics. What's more edgy than a dramatic smoky eye?


What is gothcore and gothcore makeup?

Gothcore isn't a traditional goth. It more refers to looks that are edgy tough and a little bit dark think Billie Eilish for example. Gothcore is perhaps more gender neutral than then historically goth has been with gender bending being a common element in gothcore.


“[Now] is a lot more about personal empowerment and toughness,” said Casey Cadwallader.


History of Goth

Goth is a subculture that originated in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. The name is derived from gothic punk which was an offshoot of post-punk music genre. Its imagery largely stems from 19th century gothic horror movies and books.


“Goth is a visible reaction against the toxic positivity of previous years,” says Brenda Otero, Lyst’s Cultural Insights Manager.