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Beauty and VC 2022

Traditionally VC’s have stayed away from the cosmetics industry because of the high costs of entry, but with more DTC brands, a high level of acquisitions and emerging technology is causing investors to take a second look a beauty. Making now the right time for beauty VC 2022. VC isn’t right for every one and every founder but when used properly it can be a great tool.


Reasons to Raise

  • You are overwhelmed by orders and cannot keep up with demand.

    • Or you just got a large contract and need support meeting that

  • You want to expand into other markets

  • You are doing something tech focused and your business model has:

    • low barriers to entry

    • is contingent on having lots of users

  • You are first to market.

  • You have some kind of IP

  • You are looking to automate some of your processes

  • You discovered a way to turn x dollars into 5x+

Don’t raise if...

  • You don’t have a good reason to

  • You don’t want to give up control of your company

  • You don’t want to ever sell your company (There are types of investment vehicles that allow you to continue in your company for ever but that’s not typical VC)

  • You built your company so you can live your life a particular way. Such as

    • Have more free time/Time to take care of dependants

    • You want to choose who you work with all the time.

    • You don’t want constant pressure to grow your company


Proceed with caution if...


  • You founded your company based on some kind of ethical conviction

    • Investors are in the business of making money

    • Really research the firm and make sure they are aligned with you.



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  • This article was written by Nivea accelerator.

    • They are a south Korean beauty accelerator focusing on brands a technology companies located in south Korea (or those looking to expand)

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  • While traditionally VC’s have stayed away from the cosmetics market because of the high costs of entry. DTC and technology companies are changing this and making investors take note.

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