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Amp up your eye game with graphic eyeliners!

Are you tired of simple black winged eyeliners? Do you want to add a splash of colors to your eye routine? Guess what, graphic liner is a perfect way to take you look to a new level.

Also known as graphic eye art or graphic eyeliner, this eye makeup trend involves creating geometric shapes and lines using eye shadows and eyeliners.


Source: Reproduction
Source: Reproduction


Who says eyeliners should be jet black? Check out @hizasmakeupnook as she pulls a blue twist from a traditional winged eyeliner.

blue eyeliner
Source: Instagram @hizasmakeupnook


Or you can go without your black eyeliner like @creativeoncanvas did. Simple yet edgy yellow underliner is right on time for summer days.

yellow eyeliner
Source: Instagram @creativeoncanvas


Or you can go all out! 

Source: Instagram @messylynne


@chemical.raspberry really slayed her neon green and jet black graphic liner looks using geometric shapes! You might want to consider using tapes and concealers if you want crisp and sharp edges like hers.

Source: Instagrm @chemical.raspberry


Let your creative juices flow. Check out @spryormakeup's crazy patterns on her eyes that go perfectly with her signature fluffy brows.

Source: Instagram @spryormakeup


Reallu, there is no limit to what you do with graphic eyeliners. Feel free to experiment with not only different colors but with sparkles, gloss, and even jewels!

Source: Instagram @spryormakeup


Happy pride month! Let the world be your mood board!

Source: Instagram @monicarosemua