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Achieve the Biggest Beauty Trend of 2019


2018 was an intense but exciting year for the beauty community. Kylie Jenner released a collection inspired by her daughter, fishtail brows took over Instagram, Laura Lee almost ruined her career with her "fake" apology video and Rihanna broke the internet with her sultry body lava promo video. 

Let’s review what else 2018 gave us in terms of beauty trends:

Major Lashes

Image result for closed eye fake lashes


Eyelash extensions, false eyelashes, eyelash lifts, fibre mascara and even magnetic eyelashes were used to create the illusion of dramatic and lengthy lashes.



blue eyeliner - beauty


Negative space eyeliner, neon coloured wings and glitter liner were all looks inspired by the runway.


All that Glitters... and is Gold


Rihanna released her infamous lava bomb, fairy puff and yellow gold coloured highlight last year giving everybody a chance to glow…literally. Glitter and gold became the aesthetic of 2018 because of the influx of wearable and versatile products.

What a year! But what will 2019 bring you ask?

Forget about the excruciating hand cramps that come with blending the perfect smokey eye. This year we’re ditching the glitter, heavily contoured cheekbones and cakey foundation. That’s right, we are going back to the basics!

Welcome to the year of the minimalist! In beauty less really is more!

This year we are all about Korean inspired dewy, “glass” skin, tinted moisturizers over foundation and foil eyeshadow or bold lipstick for a pop of colour.



So how can you achieve this? Simple. Start by designing a skincare routine tailored to you and your skin type. Already have one? Perfect, you are one step ahead! Need help creating a routine? Check out our guide here. 4 step - beauty skincare routine


Moving on to the brows! The past couple of years have been all about perfectly sculpted, ‘Instagram brows,’ but they’ve had their moment. Big brows aren’t going anywhere, but this year the look you want to achieve is the ‘bedhead’ brow. To do this, brush your brows outwards then use a brow powder for some colour. Using a powder over pomade gives a softer look while still giving your brows definition.

Vasanti brow duo - beauty

Try this "Dynamic Brow Duo kit" by Vasanti Cosmetics! The duo comes with a brow powder and a wax to set your brows in place. Clean them up with a skinny brow pencil but don’t forget to brush the harsh lines out! Finish with a clear wax, mascara or a tinted brow gel if you want a little more colour. You should now have bold but natural looking brows! Don’t forget to brush them upwards one last time for the desired ‘bedhead’ effect.

Time to move on to the eyes and lips! Instead of wearing eyeshadow and lipstick as one look, try choosing only one option. If you want a bold lip, leave the eyes simple. If you want bold eyes, leave the lips simple. Your choice!


For bold eyes:

Start with a damp eyeshadow brush. Then, dip it into some metallic or shimmery eyeshadow and pack it onto the eye. One colour should suffice, this year is all about monotone lids. Finish with a light coat of mascara and a nude/clear lip-gloss. Try the 75% natural metallic eyeshadows by DaLish Cosmetics. The pigment can also be used as highlight or eyeliner depending on which shade you choose!

For bold lips:


Keep the eyes simple with a light coat of mascara and a thin stroke of eyeliner. Then, grab your favourite lipstick and a matching lip liner. For a little more oomph, dab a lip-gloss on the center of your lips to make them appear fuller.

Ultra Luxe Lipstick by Vasanti


Moving on to the rest of the face! If you need some coverage, opt for a tinted moisturizer or mix your foundation in with your daily moisturizer for a lighter coverage. Or, skip the foundation completely and use concealer to cover up problem areas.

We can leave contouring, glitter and the heavy highlight in 2018. Try going for a light sweep of bronzer or a pinch of blush for some colour in the face. Try the lip/cheek balm from DaLish cosmetics in the shade ‘Dusty Rose!’ This balm can be rubbed into your skin or lips for a fresh glow.



That’s it! Minimalistic beauty and a focus on skincare is the trend forecast for 2019!

What are you most excited to try this year?