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Account Setup: Why Tejo Tests Products

As cosmetic companies are aiming to build a more personal online experiences. tech companies need to follow suit. At Tejo we are dedicated to making sure your customers have the best experience possible, as a result accuracy and understanding your products in incredibly important to us. To setup an account with us we may ask you to send us physical samples of your products. We do this for a few reasons:



in order to give users good product recommendations we need to understand the chemistry of your products to make sure it will suit users skin. We need very accurate numbers for these fields in order to know what your products are like in a quantifiable way.  This way we should know exactly how the product should interact with the user's skin and suit their complexion


Understand Your Products

There are a lot of variables that you cannot read from an ingredient list. For example color, scent, vitamin/bacteria amounts cannot be read from a list of ingredients. As a result it can be virtually impossible for your customers to know how good your product actually is and if it will work for them. It can also be hard as a cosmetic company to recommend a products, but have a customer not like it because it smells to floral. As a result it is important for us to understand thoroughly what your products are like and the chemistry behind them.


How to Create a Tejo Account:

  1. Request an account by contacting us here

Once you have an account you can learn more about how you can use it by using your dashboard. There you can read about how you can add a link to your website, or how you can download the customer information we collected. We always encourage our customers to contact us if they are having any problems, or then need help with integration.